A college education offers a lifetime of opportunity.

Strive for College delivers access to that opportunity.

STRIVE FOR COLLEGE believes that every student who deserves a shot at college should get one, and our mission is to connect those students with the know-how and support they need to prosper.

Strive is a free online community where aspiring college students connect with dedicated mentors to receive one-on-one guidance and support through the college admissions and financial aid application process. In addition to a dedicated mentor, Strivers also have access to exclusive, data-based college matching tools and custom resources specifically for first-generation college students -- and it is all accessible anytime, anywhere!



Personalized Mentoring

Quality, one-on-one mentoring is the core of the Strive method. Strivers connect with trained volunteer mentors who guide them through Strive's rich, proven college guidance curriculum. 

Revolutionary Technology

Innovation is levelling the playing field for college access, and Strive is leading the way. Our custom-built virtual mentoring platform is a sophisticated, world-class technology solution with advanced communications features like video chat and data-powered college matching tools. 

Exceptional Outcomes

Over 90% of Strivers go on to four-year institutions, usually with low or no debt. Strive's program helps Strivers discover the best-fit institution for their specific circumstances, both academically and financially. A better fit means better outcomes.

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