Expiring Match System - FAQs

Q: Why is Strive implementing this Expiring Match system?
A: Strive mentors have generously agreed to donate their time to help students, so we want to make sure that we are using their time to the fullest. The expiring match system helps ensure that mentors are paired with students who need timely help or will require assistance in the future.

Q: So if I don't communicate with my mentor on the UStrive platform for a month, I will be unmatched from my mentor?
A: Yes, that is correct.

Q: What if I don't have anything new to report at the moment or don't have any questions right now, but would still like to be paired with my mentor?
A: Just simply send your mentor a message like, "Hey, I don't have anything new to report right now, but would like to stay matched and work together moving forward." If you send your mentor a message every month, you will stay matched with them.

Q: What if I just forget to communicate with my mentor for thirty days? Will I be unmatched from them?
A: Yes, you will be unmatched from them. However, we will be sending you multiple emails and text notifications before then to remind you to check-in with them.

Q: If I do get unmatched from my Strive mentor, can I just pick them again in the future?
A: Even if the match with your Strive mentor expires, you will be able to select a new Strive mentor to help you with your college applications. However, we can't make any guarantee that your former Strive mentor will be available in the future, so stay connected with your mentor if you enjoy working with them.