Become An Online Mentor

How Does Strive Work?

Create Profile

A student will get matched with a few mentors and will select one after reviewing profiles, so put your best foot forward!


Once you are confirmed as an EY employee, your profile will be active for students to choose you as their mentor.

Complete Training

Once you register, you will have access to Strive’s mentor training material. It will take about an hour to review. Additional resources are available.

Connect With Your Students

As a Strive mentor, you can communicate with your student by instant messaging, phone call or video chat, all directly through the UStrive platform. Many students prefer to message with their mentor at first and may want to have a phone call or video chat once they feel like they have gotten to know you better. While every student has different needs, generally Strive mentors spend about an hour every couple weeks mentoring their student.This time could include reviewing and sending feedback on an essay, helping them research colleges, or chatting about upcoming deadlines.

Why You Should Be A Mentor on Strive

1 on 1 mentoring

    Follow a structured but flexible curriculum

Mentor From Anywhere

    Mentoring sessions virtually that fit your schedule

Change someone's life

    Give back to our next generation of leaders who will cherish and value your leadership throughout their lives.