A boost for aspiring college students.

Strive for College has an online platform that provides college mentoring and resources. It provides a safe and secure environment for your Striver to communicate with their mentor. Strive also offers a variety of resources to help guide your student to the right college and funding options.


Hear from a Striver & his parents


Questions & Answers for Parents & Educators

What is Strive for College?

Strive for College is a leading national nonprofit that uses cutting-edge technology to improve college access for students. Strive’s college mentoring system is an online platform that connects high school juniors & seniors with a mentor and provides guidance through the college admissions & financial aid process.


How does it work?

Trained volunteer mentors provide students with one-on-one advising throughout the school year, following a structured mentoring curriculum. Students and mentors can connect anytime, anywhere using safe, monitored communications tools like video chat and instant messaging, which are built into Strive’s online platform. Task management tools track important deadlines, and scheduling features keep sessions organized and productive.


Why should my student use Strive?

A game-changer for college access, Strive has an all-in-one platform custom-built for virtual college mentoring. It is powered by advanced college matching technology, unlocking data to help students find their best-fit college, both academically and financially. You can search every four-year institution in the United States, and UStrive will tell you your likelihood of admission, on-time graduation and affordability. Strive to identify colleges that have a track record of graduating students with backgrounds similar to yours.

Who qualifies for mentoring?

Any high school junior or senior who has the grades and desire to attend college is welcome and encouraged to strive with us. All you need to get started is motivation and internet access.


Who are the mentors?

Strive mentors are college students and professionals who volunteer their time. All mentors are vetted by an independent security firm and must pass background checks. Before working with students, mentors complete a comprehensive training course.


Is it safe to use Strive?

Strive has taken many measures to ensure the mentoring process is a safe one for the students. All mentor volunteers must pass background checks before becoming a mentor. All information shared during mentoring is confidential. All communications between a student and mentor happen on the Strive online platform, which is monitored.

Is it free to use Strive?

Yes, the use of Strive’s services are free, thanks to the help of generous donors, partners and volunteers.


Does Strive work?

Yes! In 2015:

> 99% of Strive students went on to college

> 78% in a four-year college or university

> 89% required no debt for tuition


If I am a parent of a high school student, how can they get a mentor?

To get a mentor, your student just needs to complete a Strive profile. They will be generated some mentor matches, and they can select their mentor from those matches.

If I work at a high school, how can I get my students involved?

Any high school juniors and seniors with good grades, are encouraged to use Strive. If you would like to tell your students about Strive for College, please refer them to our web site.