The Angela Deja Scholarship

Strive for College is proud to launch the Angela Deja Scholarship. There are five $500 scholarships available to help senior students continue their education.

The Scholarship guidelines and requirements involve completing tasks on the Strive platform. The application process is designed to help you better understand financial aid and scholarships, and should benefit you in applying for other scholarships and financial aid.

In order to be eligible, senior students must submit an essay on how they plan to use their college education to better the lives of others. Applicants must collaborate with their Strive mentor on key topics like FAFSA/Scholarships, understanding the financials of college and developing a plan for college. For a full list of requirements students can log into their Strive account and check out the Scholarship page.

The scholarship was rewarded to seven students starting college in the fall 2019. Applications for the 2020 scholarship will open Jan 2020.

Angela worked as Strive's User Support Manager and sadly passed away last year. She wholeheartedly believed that we should continue to better prepare students for college and lessen the financial burden on them whenever possible and we are proud to provide this scholarship in her memory.