Students & Mentors Share Their Strive Stories


May 5th was #CollegeSigningDay

The end of the school year is a pretty exciting time at Strive for College. Strivers have been working hard all year applying to colleges and now is the time they hear back on what schools they have been accepted to. Then they make their big decision (drum roll please...) - what school will they pick?! Check out this story of two students heading to their dream schools in the fall.


Top Reasons to Use Strive...


Top Reasons From Students:

• Getting help figuring out what colleges to apply to
• Getting help on the college essays
• Trying to decide how to pay for college
• Figuring out which school to choose, once accepted


Top Reasons From Mentors:

• Valuing education and helping make it more accessible to all
• Being able to help a student grow in confidence when applying to colleges
• Giving a student ‘wise advice’ from someone who has already been through the process



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