Strive is here to help you get to college.

Access to opportunity depends upon access to the right information and connections. Strive for College connects aspiring college students with free, one-on-one, online mentoring through the entire college admissions & financial aid application process. If you are a high school junior or senior in need of better college guidance, learn more about how Strive can help you succeed, and become a Striver today!


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Questions & Answers for Strivers

What is Strive for College?

Applying to college and navigating the financial aid process requires a lot of specialized knowledge. Access to that information is limited, which means students who have strong college preparatory and guidance programs in their schools or who come from families with a history of higher education are much more likely to go to four-year colleges and succeed once they are there than students without those resources.

Strive for College is a national nonprofit organization that exists to make access to college fairer and available to students from every background. We do this by connecting students who need college guidance with trained volunteers to mentor them through their admissions & financial aid applications. We believe that improving access to college depends on removing barriers to information, which we achieve through a game-changing formula of mentoring powered by sophisticated, custom-built technology.


How does it work?

Aspiring college students who are high school juniors or seniors and who do not have adequate college guidance resources register on our online mentoring community. After answering some basic questions about your background and interests, Strive’s system offers you a choice of Mentors with similar profiles. You and your Mentor will connect on the Strive platform for about an hour a week during the school year, using built-in communications tools like video chat and numberless text messaging to collaborate on important tasks like selecting colleges and writing your essays. You can also reach out to your Mentor to ask questions and get advice whenever you need it.

All of the platform’s tools are available to you anytime, both during and outside of scheduled mentoring time.

The entire process is structured by a robust College Mentoring Curriculum written by college guidance professionals. You and your Mentor will work through short, useful modules and exercises while having access to cutting-edge, data-driven tools like Strive’s College Search algorithm, which has detailed information on almost every four-year college and university in the United States. Based on the information you enter in your profile, Strive will help you answer critical questions like:

- How likely you are to be admitted
- Approximately how much financial aid you might receive
- Your likelihood of an on-time graduation

You and your Mentor will work together in an online environment where a limitless amount of critical college information, customized for you, is literally at your fingertips. Our application management features will keep you organized, focused, and productive.


Why should I join Strive?

Strive is the only place you can get free, one-on-one college mentoring on an all-inclusive virtual mentoring platform that has all the communications and information tools you need to maximize your chances of college success.

For-profit college application consultants often charge many thousands of dollars for a similar type of one-on-one service. Strive is a nonprofit network of volunteer Mentors who are committed to our vision of making sure every student who deserves a shot at college gets one.

Who qualifies for Strive Mentoring?

If you are a high school junior or senior who wants to apply to college, and if you do not have much access to college guidance, you are welcome to join.

Strive is a volunteer-based nonprofit and is not intended as an add-on service for students who already have sufficient support available from their schools or families.

As a general rule of thumb, if you expect to need a significant amount of financial aid and do not have convenient, regular access to a guidance counselor, you are eligible to join Strive.


Who are the Mentors?

A large number of Strive’s Mentors are current college students who have recently been through the admissions process themselves –– in fact, many are former Strivers who decided to become Mentors when they got to college. Strive also has several partnerships with major companies like Deutsche Bank and MassMutual, whose employees volunteer as Strive Mentors.

All Mentors have at least a four-year college degree. As part of the application process, Mentors must successfully complete a background check from an independent security firm. After their applications are approved, Mentors receive training from Strive and follow our comprehensive College Mentoring Curriculum as they work with you through your college application journey.


How do Strivers get matched with Mentors? What if it isn’t a good fit?

After you complete your profile in the Strive community, our system compares your information against the entire database of Strive Mentors across the United States. An algorithm suggests six possible Mentors who are likely to be a strong match, based on several factors, including personal backgrounds and academic interests. You’ll be able to review the profiles of your six candidate Mentors before selecting one.

A good fit between Mentors and Strivers is very important for your success. If our algorithm doesn’t get it quite right, or if you want to find a new Mentor at any time for any reason, that’s no problem at all. Strive provides a high level of support for everyone in our community; if you need to make a switch, just let us know, and we can quickly take care of that for you.

All communications between you and your Mentor take place entirely online through Strive and the utilities available in our community. Strivers and Mentors never exchange personal contact information and never need to.

Why should I become a Striver?

Many high school students go to private college prep schools, and many students go to public schools with strong, well-funded college counseling programs. The vast majority of high school students, however, attend schools with limited resources, especially for support programs like college guidance.  

You should Strive because you are far more likely to be admitted to a competitive four-year college or university and understand how to afford it if you have the kind of quality college advising Strive offers.

Most importantly: Earning a college degree is by far the best way you can set yourself up for a prosperous future. It is absolutely essential for getting a good job and earning a solid income.


Does it work?

We are a data-driven, technology-focused organization that continuously refines and improves our methodology. Since our founding in 2007, Strive has developed a formula that consistently delivers dramatic results. Strivers are much better positioned for college success than their peers who do not receive the kind of service Strive offers.

The results speak for themselves. In 2015:

99% of Strivers went on to college…

78% went to a four-year college or university. Most did so with low debt, and…

89% required no debt for tuition.



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